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Grandma's natural cleaning and stain removal secrets

There are many ways to clean beside the use of commercial great chemicals and cleaning products and this is what Grandma's natural cleaning and stain removal secrets is all about. This book is part of a series of books that give tips and advice on various kinds of household management practices. Anton Smithers bases the snippets of advice and tips of this book to the fact that grandma knows best and eventually the inspiration of the title.

Anton Smithers is a writer who focuses on books that feature life-cheats, lots of tips and advice on ways of achieving things in an easy and simple way. When it comes to cleaning, most people struggle with stubborn stains, trying to find the right kind of cleaning products, life savers and most of all ways to maintain a clean home. With the variety of homemade cleaning mixtures and cleaning solutions that you can easily find in our pantry, readers will find cleaning solutions to most of the problems they encounter.

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The book is not a novel but it is divided into 36 chapters focusing in various areas of cleaning that are usually problematic and how to deal with them. Readers can get information on carpet cleaning, toilet bowls and rims, kitchens and counters among others as well as home cleaning remedies and the best commercial cleaning products to buy. Being economically sustainable and environmentally friendly is a definite gain of reading this book.

Smithers has basically gathered all the great advice and wealth of knowledge that grandmas always have and put them down on paper for everyone to enjoy. The range of cleaning ideas and remedies will definitely be of great use to your home considering the coverage that have been given to cleaning and cleaning aspects by this book.

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